Her-First Footwear Design


Most major footwear brands design using male foot morphology and simply shrink that down for women’s shoes. BALA is taking a Her First approach, using female foot morphology. Better design from the ground up.

Your ideas our technology

Know how we know you’ll love them?

You designed them.

  1. ShiftShield 1

    Fluid resistant and easy to clean protective outer layer

  2. Arch M-Brace 2

    Proprioceptive and kinesthetic awareness in the arch

  3. Code Grip 3

    High-traction outsole created specifically for hospital floors

  4. HRS Cushioning 4

    Supportive platform to absorb impact and return energy

  • I used to wear adidas cloud foams for my 12 hour shifts but always suffered back and arch pain after work. I've been wearing BALAs for a few weeks and my back and feet don't hurt nearly as much anymore.
    Justine, Med Surg
  • Absolutely thrilled about this purchase. They're easy to clean and my legs aren't killing me after a 12 hour shift.
    Olivia, NICU
  • I thought I was a Hoka One lover until I tried BALA Twelves. Comfortable from the very first moment I put them on. I'm in the OR 14 to 26 hours sometimes and my feet feel great at the end of the day.
    Cathy, Surgery
  • These shoes are so comfortable and lightweight. I'm a respiratory therapist and am frequently running to codes. These shoes are the best I've ever had.
    Olivia, Respiratory Therapy
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