Defy Together - BALA x Oregon Center for Nursing

Defy together - BALA and Oregon Center for Nursing

We started BALA Footwear in 2020 with the simple mission of serving nurses and making them feel like the most respected professionals in the world.


Today, the nursing profession is facing a mental health crisis caused by the prolonged battle with Covid 19. Some 30% of healthcare workers report being so burnt out they are considering leaving the profession.


We’re not nurses - we can’t be there to support you in the clinical setting. But we are doing something about this crisis, in the ways that we can. One way we seek to do that is through partnerships with organizations in nursing. 


BALA Footwear will donate 100% of the profits from our limited edition colorway, Defy, to The Oregon Center for Nursing (OCN), a nonprofit that facilitates research and collaboration for Oregon’s nursing workforce. The donation will enable OCN to launch a grant fund called the RN Well-being Project to provide mental health support for nurses in Oregon.


The RN Well-being Project’s aim is to create a mental health resource playbook for nurses throughout Oregon. While some hospitals and healthcare groups have the financial resources to staff nurse-focused leaders and advocates, the majority of nurses in Oregon work in places without that feedback loop. These are the places where OCN and the RN Well-being Project can have the biggest impact. After the Playbook is created, OCN will have grants available to nurses, nurse administrators, or anyone else who wants to help, to implement the programming in the settings where it is needed. 


If you are not a nurse, please know that you can make a difference for the nurses in your life. A sign of appreciation and gratitude can go a long way. Call your nurse friend and see how they’re doing. Listen when they share their experiences. Venmo them for their coffee, or share your favorite self-care tools with them. We have the power to help support nurses in this crisis. Do what you can with what you have. We’ll do the same.


If you are a nurse, we want you to know that we see you, we are listening, and we want to help. Our partnership with OCN is the first of many steps to expanding how we serve nurses. And we need your help to continue serving you better. Please write us any time at to share how we can serve you better - in this moment, and in the future. 

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