Win a Week’s Worth of Shoes and Scrubs and Power YOUR Purpose!

Win a Week’s Worth of Shoes and Scrubs and Power YOUR Purpose!

What brings YOU purpose at work? Share your story with us, and at the end of the month, you could win a week’s worth of Care + Wear Scrubs AND all four colorways of the BALA Twelves


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2. Comment on our post what brings you purpose in your profession.

3. BONUS ENTRY if you tag a friend in the comments!

4. Entry runs till June 30th 11:59pm EST
We’ll choose an inspiring winner at the end of the month!



This month we’re proud to partner with the incredible crew at Care + Wear Scrubs. Together, we’re setting out to power YOUR purpose — in your inspiring work and everyday lives. 

Why are we teaming up? For one simple reason — their values mirror our values. Collectively we aim to create products that help make your incredibly beautiful, yet physically and emotionally demanding lives a little bit easier. 

And, similarly to BALA’s designers, Care + Wear’s creators took input from hundreds of healthcare professionals before they developed a resilient product meant to effortlessly support you. Their scrubs, like the BALA Twelves, bridge the gap between function and fashion — because that’s what you deserve.



The difference? They focus on your apparel, we focus on your feet. With a set of Care + Wear X Natori scrubs, and a pair of BALA Twelves, you can live your purpose with comfort and style — on and off the shift. 



So, this month, we want to hear YOUR stories of purpose. Stories like Dani’s (BALA Unit Ambassador and Nursing Student) and Sanjana’s (Care + Wear Ambassador and Optometry Student)! With BALA Twelves and Care + Wear scrubs, they agreed that they can better live out their individual purposes at work. For Dani, that’s “having a lasting impact as the biggest supporter in a patient's healing journey.” For Sanjana, it’s all about “having the power to make a personal prescription for a patient’s first ever pair of glasses.”


Don't Wait! Share your PURPOSE!
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