We care for nurses.

We exist for one simple reason: to make nursing the most respected profession in the world.

We are rooted in celebrating the duality of the individuals drawn to the nursing and healthcare field. They have an inherent ability to strike an impressive balance: They are soft but strong, caring but sometimes dark, knowledgeable but humble. And this on top of somehow balancing work and life in a career very hard to leave at the door.

BALA stands for this incredible balance. We make the the best shoes for healthcare professionals - with features for all the rigors of the job.

BALA was founded in a time when nurses were called heroes.

On the frontline and in the press, they’ve been lauded, idolized. They’ve represented the battle against COVID and have been the face of humanity’s response to a global pandemic.

It’s time to care for nurses who are there for us in the most difficult moments, no matter the situation. BALA was founded on the principle of co-creating solutions to address nurse’s needs without compromise.

To start, we had to learn what a 12 hr shift really looked like.

We mean REALLY looked like. The sitting, standing, sprinting and – the fluids. We met with hundreds of nurses across the United States and we listened. When we thought we had all the answers, we made a shoe and handed it to nurses and asked more questions. We learned quickly to create a company for nurses, we needed to build it with nurses.

Our company is built with nurses, so are our shoes.

We were established in Portland, OR, by a team of veteran footwear industry professionals who spent decades making performance footwear for professional athletes. We brought the same obsession with performance and innovation from sport to nursing with a product specifically designed for the absurdity of a 12hr nursing shift.

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