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About the Twelves

What are Twelves made of?

Twelves are made up of two layers: the KnitFit upper and the ShiftShield outer. KnitFit is a knit, glove-like base layer that fits your individual foot shape and gives it a nice supportive hug. ShiftShield is a fluid-resistant shell that prevents any nasty spillages from seeping through to your foot. Both of those layers attach to molded polyurethane foam soles with high-traction rubber treads (so you won’t go slipping and sliding in the hospital corridors).

Are Twelves waterproof?

The outer part of the shoe (we call this our “ShiftShield”) is fluid-resistant and was intentionally designed to keep the gross stuff out. Most liquids will run right off the shoe!

Are Twelves stain-proof?

The ShiftShield layer of the Twelves is designed to repel liquids, but it is NOT stain-proof. If spilled fluids are not wiped immediately from the textile, a stain may set into the shield material. Some stains will come out with a cold/delicate machine wash; however, this depends entirely on the staining agent. Iodine and blood may stain even if wiped immediately. 

If you work in a field in which you regularly come into contact with staining agents, we suggest ordering one of our darker colorways, like Nocturnal! If you have any questions or concerns about this, hit the call light ( and we’ll help you out.

Are Twelves sharps-proof?

No, they are not.

What should I do if I accidentally stain my Twelves?

Wipe the staining agent off as quickly as possible with a non-bleach medical wipe. After your shift, throw your Twelves into a delicate machine wash cycle on cold (with stain remover of your choice if necessary). Air dry only for your Twelves! Pro tip: Stuffing your shoes with newspaper after they come out of the wash will reduce drying time. Replace the stuffing after about 6 hours with fresh paper and your Twelves should be dry within 12 hours. 

If the stain does not come out after your machine wash cycle, please reach out to us at and we’ll work with you to figure out a solution.

Are Twelves non slip nursing shoes?

Yes, our rubber material and tread pattern are designed to be non-slip. 

What sizes do you make?

We offer all sizes (whole and half) between a women’s size 5 and a women’s 12, or a men's 6 and 11.

How do I pick a size?

In our clinical trials, participants reported that BALA Twelves fit true to size, compared to similar styles of shoes. They are intentionally designed to be slightly longer than off-the-shelf running shoes, which allows for some swelling during a 12 hour shift. 

So: choose your usual size in athletic-style sneakers! If you usually wear clogs or wide-fit sneakers to work, opt for our Twelves Wide.

How wide are BALA Twelves?

Our standard Twelves are a Women's B / Men's C width. Our wide Twelves are a Women's EE / Men's EEE width.

Can men wear Twelves?

Yes! If your feet are a men’s size 11 or smaller, we’ve got Twelves for you. You'll want to take your usual size and add a size (men’s 9 becomes women’s 10) to figure out what size you should order in our shoes.

How long should my Twelves be?

You should have 1-1.5cm of room in front of your toes in your right-size Twelves! Any more than that, and you'll be experiencing heel slippage, arch discomfort, and strange noises. Any less, and your toes will feel squashed. If you're in either boat, you can use our exchanges page to swap out for a new size.

How wide should my Twelves be?

The KnitFit sock layer of your Twelves should hug your foot, keeping your ankle stable and supported. It should not be squeezing your foot or causing any discomfort! You can size up using our exchanges page if the hug from your KnitFit's a little too tight. Please note that sizing up means an increase in both length and width.

Can I place orthotics in my Twelves?  

Yes, you can! However, we designed our Arch-M-Brace footbed to conform to your individual arch shape, so we hope your Twelves will give you all the support you need as they are.

Will Twelves help my plantar fasciitis? 

A primary cause of plantar fasciitis is improper weight distribution as you stand or walk. Our HRS cushioning system and Arch-M-Brace footbed are designed to support your feet and distribute weight evenly, so Twelves may help with PF-related foot pain (but we can’t make any promises). 

How can I clean my Twelves?

Wipe any spillages off of your Twelves using a CaviWipe. Please note that wipes with a high concentration of bleach may discolor your shoes! Failure to wipe some liquids off your Twelves may result in staining. 

After your shift, you can throw your Twelves in the washing machine on a cold delicates cycle. Make sure to tie the shoelaces together and tuck them into the shoe before washing. 

Time in the dryer may destroy the fluid-resistant layer of your Twelves–– so please make sure to air dry them once they’re clean. You can even stuff some newspaper in them to help them dry!

What's this bag they come in?

The BALA ISO Bag is a great way to keep your work shoes (and germs) isolated from other parts of your life. Stash it in your locker or your trunk, on your porch or your back seat. Just throw it in the washing machine if it gets mucky (be sure to air dry)!

About BALA

What does BALA mean?

The name BALA is derived from a nurse’s ability to find BALAnce in all that they do–– between softness and grit, work and sleep, self-care and patient care! We designed our Twelves to help you to strike that balance. 

It's also derived from the Latin name for the blue whale (BALAenoptera musculus), which has the biggest heart of any organism on the planet. Because nurses have a lot of heart, get it?

Where are your shoes made?

Our shoes are designed and developed right here in the USA. They are manufactured by a factory partner in China.

Do you offer discount codes?

Check out our referral discount system! When you and a friend purchase BALA Twelves, you'll both receive $20 off.

Can I combine discount codes?

No, you cannot.

What does final sale mean?

Twelves marked final sale are not eligible for returns and exchanges, without exception.


Order Status & Shipping

My size is out of stock!

We're so sorry about that! Add your email to our "Notify me when available" list to be the first to know when your size is back in stock.

When will I receive my order?

Orders take up to 10 days to process, then ship out. Shipping time varies depending on the tier of shipping you select at checkout. During the holiday season, it may take longer for your package to arrive due to carrier delays. In any case, you'll receive a tracking link once your Twelves are on their way!

How can I update my shipping address/change my shoe size/pick a different colorway/cancel my order?

Drop us a line using our Contact Us form with your order number and the update you'd like for us to make. You have 24 hours after placing your order to request any and all changes!

How much does shipping cost?

Our standard shipping is free of charge. We also offer expedited shipping at a flat rate of $15 per order.

Can I get BALA Twelves if I live outside the US?

We’re so stoked that BALA already has fans around the world! Unfortunately, we’re a very small operation, so we cannot fulfill orders worldwide (yet).

Do you deliver to PO boxes?

Yes! All PO box orders ship via USPS.

My tracking link says my package was delivered but I didn’t get anything–– help!

Oh no! Please contact us here and we’ll figure out where your shoes are at.


Returns & Exchanges

How do I exchange (or return) my order?

You can exchange or return within 30 days of your order arriving at your door. Just fill out our returns form here! This does not apply to any product marked final sale. All products marked final sale are ineligible for returns or exchanges.

Purchases made during the Memorial Day 2023 sale are all FINAL SALE. This means they are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

Can I exchange or return my limited edition colorway? 

Exchanging limited edition products requires that there be stock available in the size and color you originally purchased. If the size in your preferred color is not available, you can exchange for any available in-stock product in your size.  

Are returns and exchanges free of charge?


I exchanged my shoes. When will my new pair ship?

As soon as we get the original pair back to our warehouse and confirm the quality of the return! You’ll get a new tracking number emailed to you as soon as we’ve packaged your new pair of Twelves. 

When will I receive my refund?

Refunds are credited directly back to the card you used to order. We’ll submit the refund within 24 hours of receiving your shoes at our distribution center, but it may take up to 10 days for your account to be credited.

I have a question that you didn’t answer here!

Hit us up via email, live chat, or our Contact Us form for the quickest response to all your additional questions.


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