Arch M-Brace


Step-in comfort and a supportive footbed

C’mon, how many times have you eaten shit in your clogs?

Comfort on the first step doesn't mean it will feel great at hour ten. BALA Arch M-Brace and KnitFit base layer deliver step-in comfort and endless support.

Arch-M-Brace proprioceptive insole and KnitFit base layer deliver a custom fit feeling that hugs your foot.

Dynamic Arch Support

BALA’s dual compound insole provides breathable underfoot cushioning which controls odor and promotes micro-circulation. The arch area is made to conform to your individual arch shape. The result? Personalized comfort.

Importance of arches

The arch's job is to distribute weight from the body above to stabilizing points of the foot.

For optimal foot health, it's important to distribute weight evenly while allowing the foot to flex and move. Experts believe putting a rigid support under the arch inhibits the foot from flexing naturally and can actually cause irritation and pain. We heard a lot about this irritation which lead to our non-rigid, dynamic arch support.

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