HRS Cushioning


Supportive platform to absorb impact and return energy

Step-in comfort and support for the whole shift.

With deep experience in footwear, we collected specific needs from nurses and created a proprietary, long-lasting new cushioning system. Introducing HRS.

BALA Twelves in Nocturnal Black. Comfortable, supportive sneakers for healthcare workers
HRS cushioning system: a supportive platform to absorb impact and return energy while distributing weight evenly.
BALA Twelves in Nocturnal Black. Comfortable shoes for healthcare workers

Soft doesn’t mean supportive

Soft doesn’t mean supportive. Soft, cushioned running shoes might feel great on the first step, but over time feet make micro-adjustments to stabilize the body. This leads to fatigue and likely irritation. So we all need super rigid clogs then, right? Wrong. The hard soles of clogs don’t allow your foot to move in necessary ways. This could cause pain or other issues when wearing non-rigid shoes in other aspects of life.

BALA HRS cushioning system is designed to provide the optimal balance of flexible, responsive cushioning, and support. 12 hour shifts, 3 on and still standing – or running.

BALA Twelves in Nocturnal Black. Comfortable shoes for healthcare workers.

Responsive Midsole

The BALA Twelves midsole foam is unlike any other. We have designed it to have what we call "high resilience." This means it rebounds to its original shape after impact and can do it again and again over time.

This high resilience is paired with incredible flexibility giving the fit full range of motion

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  • “Absolutely thrilled about this purchase. They´re easy to clean and
    my legs aren´t killing me after a 12 hour shift.”

  • “BALA Twelves were comfortable from the very first moment I put them on. I´m in the OR 14 to 26 hours sometimes and my feet feel great at the end of the day.”

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