Fluid resistant and easy-to-clean outer layer

Imagine all the awful things your feet see daily.

Can't you just feel the fluids squishing between your toes? Finally, ShiftShield exists. 

Every nurse we interviewed shuddered at the thought of horrid things spilling onto their shoes. ShiftShield is our solution.

Easy To Clean

The best part of ShiftShield might not even be the socks you'll save from the IV fluid. The resistant membrane also means BALA Twelves are easy to clean. Grab a rag and some sanitizer and wipe them down.

Wait, the tongue too?

Our laces and lace loops are made from the same anti-syphoning woven textile material as the ShiftShield upper. And we also designed in a secondary way to use the tongue for a triple (or are we at quadruple?) layer of protection.

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