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Frequently Asked Questions


Are Twelves waterproof?

The outer part of the shoe (we call this our “ShiftShield”) is fluid-resistant and was intentionally designed to keep the gross stuff out. Most liquids will run right off the shoe. That being said, there is still potential for staining agents to set into your Twelves. Make sure to wipe any spillage off your Twelves as quickly as possible using a CaviWipe!

Are Twelves non-slip?

Yes, our rubber material and tread pattern are designed to be non-slip.

Are Twelves stain resistant?

The ShiftShield layer of the Twelves is designed to repel liquids, but it is NOT stain proof. If spilled/leaked fluids are not wiped immediately from the textile, it can set into the shield material. Some stains will come out with a cold/delicate machine wash, however it depends entirely on the staining agent. Iodine and blood may stain, even if wiped immediately.

If you are in a field where you regularly come into contact with staining agents, we suggest ordering our darker-colored options. If you have any questions or concerns about this, hit the call light ( and we’ll help you out!


How long can I stand in these?

BALA Twelves were made for 12+ hour shifts – standing, walking, sitting, and sometimes running – in a clinical setting.

Are Twelves machine washable?

Yes, you can throw your Twelves into a delicate machine wash cycle on cold (with stain remover of your choice if necessary). Air dry only for your Twelves! Pro tip: Stuffing your shoes with newspaper after they come out of the wash will reduce drying time. Replace the stuffing after about 6 hours with fresh paper and your Twelves should be dry within 12 hours.

If a stain does not come out after your machine wash cycle, please reach out to us at and we’ll work with you to figure out a solution.

Our Story

Our company is built with nurses, so are our shoes.

We were established in Portland, OR, by a team of veteran footwear industry professionals who spent decades making performance footwear for professional athletes. We brought the same obsession with performance and innovation from sport to nursing with a product specifically designed for the absurdity of a 12hr nursing shift.

We met with hundreds of nurses across the United States and we listened. When we thought we had all the answers, we made a shoe and handed it to nurses and asked more questions. We learned quickly to create a company for nurses, we needed to build it with nurses.

It’s time to care for nurses who are there for us in the most difficult moments, no matter the situation. BALA was founded on the principle of co-creating solutions to address nurse’s needs without compromise.

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