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Our Story

Our Story

We are a team of footwear industry professionals who have spent decades making performance footwear for professional athletes. In early 2019, we began exploring it would look like to innovate a shoe designed specifically for 12 hour nursing shifts. 

There was only one problem. None of us knew anything about nursing. 

So we set out to learn. We met with hundreds of nurses across the United States and we listened. When we thought we had all the answers, we asked more questions and we listened harder. 

We learned that to create a company for nurses, we needed to build it with nurses. At BALA we believe you should not have to compromise on function or style on the job and that you know exactly what you need. 

We are only as strong as our community, and it is incumbent on us to create a welcoming environment for all nurses to be heard. We invite you to join us by reaching out to us directly at any time to share ideas, stories -- or just to chat. 

Thank you for the opportunity. 

Caprice Neely


Brian Lockard


John Eberle